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Sheep in Open Fields

The Lostine Southfork Grange

Celebrating Agriculture, Community, and Tradition

Our Mission

The Grange strengthens individuals, families and communities through grassroots actions, service, education, advocacy and agriculture awareness.


Wallowa County

We are committed to supporting the local community. Through various initiatives and events, we strive to create a positive impact and foster a sense of togetherness. Join us in our efforts to make a difference and build a stronger community.


Family Sustainability

We offer educational programs and workshops on sustainable gardening practices, composting, and other topics related to agriculture and the environment. Our goal is to promote healthy and sustainable lifestyles and to encourage community involvement in local agriculture.


Community Lunches

At Southfork Grange, we believe in the power of food to bring people together. Join us for our Brunch & Browse Community Lunches, where we serve fresh and locally sourced food, prepared by our members. Our lunches are a great opportunity to connect with neighbors, take a look at our collection of books, and support our community.

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